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Domácí úkoly:Learn a new language and get a new soul!

Domácí úkoly

Pod svými iniciály najdete své domácí úkoly, které Vám byly slíbeny během hodiny :-) Jeden úkol může být společný více lidem, v tom případě je zde iniciálů více. Někdy zde budou věty, které si máte přepsat na papír/do sešitu, někdy odkaz na stažení wordového souboru, který si můžete vytisknout, aby se Vám civčení lépe dělalo. Pokud nemáte přístup k tiskárně, můžete jej vyplnit v počítači a poslat mi ho na mail a já Vám úkol zkontroluji.
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10.12.2012 h.w. for I.Ř.

Fill in the brackets - decide between will and be going to

1) I feel really tired. I think I _____ go to bed.

2) Where are you going?
I _____ visit a customer.

3) Do you want me to help you?
No thanks. John _____ help me.

4) Would you prefer tea or coffee?
I _____ have some coffee, please.

5) Would you like to come to my house for dinner and talk about this?
Good idea. I _____ bring some wine.

6) I've already decided. I _____ buy a new car

7)What are your plans for next week?
I _____ to fly to New York on business. Probably on Tuesday but I haven't bought my ticket yet.

8) What are your plans for the holidays?
I _____ visit my parents for a few days and then go walking in Scotland.

02.11.2012 h.w. for I.Ř.

Choose present continuous or present simple in following sentences.

1) I _____ (read) a very interesting book.

2) Joanne _____ (work) eight hours a day.

3) Tonight we _____ (see) a play at the thereatre.

4) Who _____ you _____ (speak) to?

5) I _____ (not, know)him very well.

6) My wife _____ (prefer) coffee for breakfast.

7) What _____you usually _____ (have) for breakfast?

8) Your train _____ (leave) at 17.25 from platform 3.

9) What _____ she_____(do) ? She's a student.

22.10.2012 HW for D.S.

Conditional I or II?

1) If you need the car in the afternoon, I ____ shopping in the morning.(go)

2) If I ___ a hat, I would look like an old woman.(wear)

3) I'll buy this bag if they _____ it in blue. (have)

4) She wouldn't pay cash if she _____ a credit card. (have)

5) If I didn't have you, I _____ what to do. (not, know)

03.10.2012 HW for I.Ř.

Fill in the gaps with: Must, Have to, Need to, Don’t Have to, Needn’t

Shira doesn’t have to drive to the airport. She’s going by taxi.
You must speak politely to the customers.
You _____ tell Anna about the party tomorrow night. It’s a surprise! (must not, need to, doesn’t have to)
Tina _____ register for her classes on Monday, otherwise she won’t get a place in them. (doesn’t have to, mustn’t, has to)
You _____ send that fax. I’ve already sent it. (must, will have to, don’t have to)
A dog _____ get special training in order to be a guide dog. (must, need to, don’t have to)
Jeremy _____ get up early tomorrow. His class was cancelled. (mustn’t, doesn’t have to, don’t need to)

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