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Domácí úkoly:Learn a new language and get a new soul!

Domácí úkoly

Pod svými iniciály najdete své domácí úkoly, které Vám byly slíbeny během hodiny :-) Jeden úkol může být společný více lidem, v tom případě je zde iniciálů více. Někdy zde budou věty, které si máte přepsat na papír/do sešitu, někdy odkaz na stažení wordového souboru, který si můžete vytisknout, aby se Vám civčení lépe dělalo. Pokud nemáte přístup k tiskárně, můžete jej vyplnit v počítači a poslat mi ho na mail a já Vám úkol zkontroluji.
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30.09.2012 D.S.

1. Don't forget to take your umbrella. It (rain) .

2. I hate living in Seattle because it (rain, always) .

3. I'm sorry I can't hear what you (say) because everybody (talk) so loudly.

4. Justin (write, currently) a book about his adventures in Tibet. I hope he can find a good publisher when he is finished.

5. Jim: Do you want to come over for dinner tonight?
Denise: Oh, I'm sorry, I can't. I (go) to a movie tonight with some friends.

6. The business cards (be, normally ) printed by a company in New York. Their prices (be) inexpensive, yet the quality of their work is quite good.

7. This delicious chocolate (be) made by a small chocolatier in Zurich, Switzerland.

19.09.2012 HW for I.Ř.

may / must / can / mustn't / needn't / can't
(pre-intermediate level)
Fill in the gaps:
1 '____ I go out, mummy?' - 'No, you ____ , you ____ do your homework.
2 The doctor says I ____ stay in bed till my temperature falls.
3 You ____ water the flowers, Dora has already watered them.
4 ____ you play the piano? - I ____ play very well.
5 You ____ smoke in the classroom, you ____ smoke only in the corridor.
6 There isn't water in the pool, so we ____ swim today.
7 Tony's got a bad cold, so he ____ swim today.
8 There's a bridge over the river, so we ____ swim across.
9 'Have you got enough money?' - 'Oh, yes, we ____ go to the bank.'
10 They ____ hurry if they want to catch the bus.

28.08.2012 HW for S.P.

II conditional:
Did you hear about that guy who won 180 million dollars in the lottery? If I (win) that much money, I (quit) my job the next day. I (travel) around the world and (stay) in the most luxurious hotels. If I (want) anything, I (buy) it. If I (see) a beautiful Mercedes that I wanted, I (buy) it. If I wanted to stay in a beautiful hotel and the hotel (be) full, I (buy) the hotel and make them give me a room. I (can) do anything in the world if I had 180 million dollars ... Oh, I am starting to sound a little materialistic... Well... I (do) good things with the money as well. If anybody (need) help, I (give) them some money to help them out. I (donate) money to charities. I (give) money to help support the arts. If I (win) that much money, I wouldn't keep it all for myself. I (help) as many people as possible.
I conditional:
1. If I _____(go) out tonight, I ____(go) to the cinema.
2. If you _____(get) back late, I _____ (be) angry.
3. If we ____ (not / see) each other tomorrow, we _____ (see) each other next week.
4. If he _____(come), I _____ (be) surprised.
5. If we _____ (wait) here, we _____ (be) late.

28.08.2012 HW for D.S. part 1

must/mustn't, needn't
1. You _____ wash these fruits. I've already washed them.
2. You _____ translate that. I understand what you say.
3. You _____ tell Sandra. She can't keep a secret.
4. You _____ lend me your umbrella. I love walking in the rain.
5. You _____ call me. I will call you when I get home so that you save some money.
6. We've got plenty of time. We _____ leave yet.
7. We've got plenty of time. We _____ hurry.
8. We _____ walk all the way home. We can take a taxi.
9. We have enough food at home. We _____ go shopping today.
10.Tom has broken his leg. He _____ walk a lot. It is not good for him.

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